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The Best Songs About Pets

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People love their pets. So it makes sense musicians with pets would put their love of their animals into their songs about pets or inspired by pets. Whether it’s a ballad to fuzzy felines or golden harmonies for goldfish, it seems there’s been a song written about every creature humans have domesticated. So the next time you and Mr. Cuddles want to spend some quality music listening time together, throw on one of these pet-inclined tracks. Both your pets and your ears will purr.

Some refer to animals right in their titles, but not all of these pet songs are obvious. “Martha My Dear,” by the Beatles, for example, seems to be about a woman but was actually written for Paul McCartney’s pet dog. Norah Jones, meanwhile, wrote “Man of the Hour” for her poodle. The song comes from her album The Fall, on the cover of which she is depicted with a Saint Bernard (not her actual dog).

It's not just dogs, either: Queen’s “Delilah” is about Freddie Mercury’s tortoiseshell cat. Mercury previously dedicated his solo album Mr. Bad Guy to both his cats and to cat lovers everywhere.

There's a song on this list you can identify with, whether you take your dogs for walks daily, get ignored by your cats constantly, or resent the bowl between you and your fish. Vote up your favorite songs about pets. If we missed any, don't hesitate to add them to the list!