The Most Powerful Songs About Rape

Although the subject of rape is rarely talked about in mainstream media, it's important to the feminist movement to keep the discussion going about sexual violence against men and women. These songs about rape give a voice to the voiceless, and help break through the wall of shame, self-blaming, and victimization that many rape victims experience.  

Pearl Jam wrote "Saying No," about how to have respectful, consensual sex with your partner.  With lyrics like "When she says stop, you gotta stop," they really explain the rules of enthusiastic consent from your sexual partner. 

Other songs about rape are metaphorical, like Nirvana singing about his difficulty with the media and music industry in "Rape Me." And then there are songs about rape that are actually extremely creepy. Rocko raps "Put Molly all in her champagne, she won't even know," in his song, "U.O E.N.O," to show listeners the mindset of the rapist. 

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