The Best Songs About Regret

Ever gone and done something you wish you hadn't? Here are the best songs about regret, ranked by other regretful people who have voted on the list. One of the most human of themes, regret songs are among the most aching and tender. Lost love, things better left unsaid, things that should've been said - what better way to deal with all that emotion than by penning a few songs about regretting your actions.

Some of the best regret songs have been sung by those with some time on their side. Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" was notable not just for the age at which she earned spot at the top of  the charts, but for her get up which may or may not have inspired Borat. Adele's youthful maturity shines through on her song about regret "Chasing Pavements."

Cat Stevens really puts a lump in your throat with a father's lost relationship with his son in "Cat's in the Cradle." And Edith Piaf turns the whole idea on its head because as she croons, "No, I Regret Nothing."
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