The Best Songs About Road Trips

Musicians have written plenty of road trip songs, which only makes sense since touring as a singer or band is basically one perpetual road trip. From ballads about the freedom of the open road to pining tunes about missing friends, musicians have covered a lot of emotional ground in their road trip music. Musicians have managed to capture the feeling of the open road in these songs about road trips, so whether you’re driving across the country or just driving to work, let this list be your road trip playlist.

Long haul road trips are strange odysseys stuck in a small space while exploring the big, open wide world. Kind of like life. Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” is a long track that unfurls before you like the open road, a poetic ode to the journey of life and love. Led Zeppelin's “Going to California” is said to be a tribute to Joni Mitchell, who was based in California’s Marin County music scene when the song was written.

Which of these songs make you long for the open road? Vote up your favorites four-wheel traveling songs below. If any songs about road trips aren't accounted for, then hit the gas and add them to the list!

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