The 75+ Best Songs About Running Away, When You Want To Leave Home

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People do all sorts of running; there is the kind you do with your feet,and then there is the metaphorical kind. These songs about running use both examples, with many of the tunes being songs with run or ran in the title. From A Flock of Seagulls to Paul McCartney, these are the best songs about running away, ranked by your votes. You'll see a lot of songs below that you recognize, so get ready to thumbs up a lot of the tracks.

Arguably the most beloved song about running was written by The Boss (akaBruce Springsteen) – “Born to Run.” The classic running song combines both the literal and metaphorical – he wants to run with his girl away from where they grew up.

Bryan Adams sings about his white hot lover in“Run to You.” Meanwhile, U2 wrote about the spiral of drug addiction in the haunting “Running to Stand Still.” Other genres also give running songs their due, Beyonce and Rihanna setting the R&B pace with “Run the World (Girls) and “Who Ya Gonna Run To”, respectively.

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