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Songs About Saying Sorry

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If you're anything like us, you've done a few things that seemed like a good idea in the moment, only to regret them later on. Here are the best songs about saying sorry, from artists like R.E.M. to Willie Nelson. What is your favorite song about apologizing? Vote for the sorry songs below that you relate to the most, and down vote any you don't like.

To err is human, and even Bono, patron saint that he is, wrote a song about saying sorry, "The Sweetest Thing" as an apology to his wife for forgetting her birthday. Nirvana had some remorse, and kept it darkly opaque as usual on "All Apologies,"  while Michael Stipe belts out "I'm sorry" over and over again on "So. Central Rain" as he "waited for your call." I know the feeling.

What are the best songs about apologizing? Vote your favorite to the top and share your songs in the comment section below.