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The Best Songs About Science

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Music may be an art, rather than a science, but there are still tons of great songs about science. This list features the best songs about science, ranked by music lovers like you. Many of the science songs that you will find on this list are written by rock stars, but others are written by rappers. A lot of the best songs about science feature innovative sounds and samples. A few of these songs are even about scientists, such as Coldplay's massive single "The Scientist."

Of course, “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo made this list of the top songs about science. This song was the theme song to the film of the same name. Did you know that Oingo Boingo frontman, Danny Elfman, went on to score several films for Tim Burton? “Natural Science” by Rush is another great science song that made this list.

The Beastie Boys had fun with science on their Paul's Boutique track, “The Sound of Science.” Another New Yorker, Lou Reed, released the song, “Science of the Mind,” in 2003. Elvis Costello and Less Than Jake also have good songs about science.

What do you hypothesize is the best song about science? Vote your top pick to No. 1 and please add any we may have missed.