100 Songs Inspired By Infamous Serial Killers

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True crime is quite the macabre topic, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to talk about it. There are even hundreds of serial killer songs, that were written about, or at least inspired by, infamous murderers.

Some of these songs inspired by serial killers are performed by popular musicians you know and love. For example, did you know Eminem had a Ted Bundy song? Pearl Jam has a Jeffrey Dahmer song, also known as, “Dirty Frank.” You may not have even realized all of the famous artists who have songs about serial killers. Lana Del Rey has songs about the Manson Family, David Berkowitz, and the Zodiac Killer.

Are you surprised by all of the songs about mass murderers? Read on below to check out more songs about serial killers, and be sure to vote up your favorites.