The Best Songs About Smoking

A list of smoking songs about cigarettes. Between tobacco, marijuana, E-cigs, and vaping, there are plenty of ways to smoke in the 21st century. With an abundance of choices comes an abundance of songs about smoking, as musicians wax lyrical about lighting up or getting lit up. Songs about weed are represented here, but this list skews towards toward nicotine.

Actual smoking is now recognized as a public health scourge, but these songs about smoking remain great no matter what. These are timeless pieces of music that use smoking to get their points across. Whether you’ve never smoked, quit, or are lighting up this very second, these songs about smoking will give you the fix you’re looking for.

“Cigarettes & Alcohol” by ‘90s Brit-Pop rockers Oasis nicely summed up the  band’s well-publicized lifestyle. Rod Stewart later covered the tune. Willie Nelson covered Tex Williams's “Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette).” Perhaps ironically, Nelson is partial to smoking, just not tobacco.

So put down your cigarette and take a long drag of these songs about smoking. Vote up your favorites, and if we missed any great smoking songs, go ahead and add them to the list!

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