The 40+ Best Songs About Snakes And Serpents

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You could call musicians a bunch of snakes in the grass. Perhaps that’s why they’ve written so many songs about snakes. Snakes are suggestive of a lot of things, fitting nicely into the world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. An unfaithful lover is nicely represented by a snake, and spurned musicians seem to like nothing more than to compare an ex to the scaly creatures. Whether snakes are a friend or foe to you, you’re sure to find songs on this list of songs about snakes that feed your need.

“Tube Snake Boogie” by ZZ Top makes reference to surfboards, which can be referred to as “tube snakes.” R. Kelly wrote the song “Snake” in tribute to Stevie Wonder.

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Most divisive: Rattlesnake Shake
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