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The Best Songs About Technology

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Technology fascinates us all, so it's not a shocker that musicians have decided to dedicate songs to the topic. Vote below for the best songs about technology, and add any of your favorites to the list that aren't there already. Some songs about technology are fun and playful and other technology songs question if the new systems are in fact better than the old ways.

Daft Punk are robots so of course they have several of the best songs about technology. Their hits “Technologic,” “Robot Rock” and “Digital Love” all appear on this list of the best technology songs. Before Daft Punk, there was Kraftwerk who have several technological tracks including “Home Computer.” The Buggles marked the dawning of a new era in music with their song, “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

St. Vincent examined our need to over-share every aspect of our lives on social media with her 2014 single, “Digital Witness” and Weezer called the ADD nature of technology into question on “We Are All on Drugs.” If you are looking for a country song that references technology, give a listen to “Online” by Brad Paisley. Even songs about innovation are included. 

Use the technology in front of you to vote your top tech song to the top of this list. If we forget one of your faves, please add it to this list.