The Best Songs About The Color Orange

Whether used on a canvas or in song lyrics, the color orange is said to free the spirit of its limitations and aid in the creation of new ideas. With the glowy feeling of limitlessness on our minds, we've gone and compiled a list of the best songs about the color orange, ranked by your votes. Do you have a favorite orange song? Give it an upvote and it just might rise to the #1 spot on the poll.

One of our favorite songs about orange is actually a dedication to what is in fact a huge county, an ode to growing up in the 714 by Gwen Stefani, "Orange County Girl." R.E.M. composed one of their most beloved songs about the color with the legendary "Orange Crush." Common, known more for his rapping and dissing Drake than his love of fruity breakfast drinks, surprises us all with "Orange Pineapple Juice."

If one of your favorites is missing on this list of orange songs, then add it so others can vote for it too.
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