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The Best Songs About Trains

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List RulesThe songs on this list reference trains in one way or another, whether train is in the title or it's used as a metaphor in the lyrics

All aboard! For this list we're ranking the best songs about trains ever written. Trains are a great way to travel and a fantastic topic for songs. Some of the best songs that mention trains are traveling songs, while others only allude to trains without ever mentioning them. Trains are often used a metaphor for life, like in John Mayer's beautiful song "Stop This Train".

Johnny Cash wrote and performed several of the best train songs. His lyrics to “Folsom Prison Blues” contain the words train and track. Another song that specifically references trains is “Casey Jones” by the Grateful Dead, although the train conductor in this song doesn't sound like the most responsible man on the tracks.

A great R&B train song is “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield. The Chemical Brothers track, “Star Guitar,” contains no lyrics, but the repetitive sounds conjure train imagery. Also, trains and railroad tracks are featured in the song's video, which was directed by Michel Gondry.

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