The Best Songs About Trees

The imagery of trees has inspired countless songs, so why not rank the best songs about trees with the help of your votes? Some of the best songs about tress are about specific types of trees, while other good songs about trees are about the forest in general. Many great tree songs have the word tree in the title and some great songs about trees reference leaves and branches in the lyrics.

Radiohead has written several tree songs. Their tracks “Treefingers” and “Fake Plastic Trees” both appear on this list. The Cure has a great tree song with “A Forest” and Paul McCartney released the song “Little Willow.” The Beatles hit, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” has lyrics about colorful “tangerine trees.”

Louis Armstrong sings of “trees of green” and “skies of blue” on his iconic hit, “What a Wonderful World.” Joni Mitchell expressed regret for societies destruction of nature with her tune, “Big Yellow Taxi.” “One Tree Hill” by U2, which appears on the album The Joshua Tree, also made this list.

Which tree song do you think deserves the top spot? Vote the best to No.1 and join the conversation in the comments section.
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