The Best Songs About Video Games

This list of songs about video games is ready to plug and play. These video games songs aren't from video games, they're about or inspired by video games. Gaming has gone from a niche industry to a massive part of pop culture, so naturally musicians have written songs about their favorite games. Gamers can be a fickle bunch, but thankfully these songs about video games never go out of style. From arcade origins to the newest consoles, these songs about video games span the course of digital history.

This video game music covers a whole lot of different eras, artists, and styles. “Video Games” was Lana Del Rey’s breakthrough hit, an ode to her boyfriend’s digital obsession. It's been a long time since Ronnie Jones riffed on “Video Games” in 1980, but Daft Punk later sampled the track for for “Technologic.” The title track on George Clinton's first solo album after disbanding Parliament and Funkadelic? "Computer Games."

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