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The Best Songs About Weddings

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There is nothing like going to a great wedding, so why not rank the best songs about weddings. Whatever your genre preference, the best wedding songs either describe the build up to the wedding day or when it all goes terribly awry and falls apart. For example, nothing screams "I'm bitter that you're marrying some bloke I hate" like Billy Idol's "White Wedding." Panic at the Disco's great wedding song "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" perfectly sums up every soon-to-be-wed's fear, a groom finding out his betrothed has been sleeping around.

But not all wedding songs are full of tragedy and doom. Take "Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups, which is like the vanilla frosting of joy on top of the three-tiered angel wedding cake. It makes even the most cynical of us want to get hitched at an Elvis chapel.

Which song on this list of the best songs about weddings do you think should be a the top? Vote it to the top and share some of your personal favorites in the comments section.