The 30+ Best Songs About Winter And Cold Weather

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Who says it has to be cold outside to enjoy songs about winter? Here's our list of the best songs about winter, ranked by votes from users like you. Winter is the season for curling up beside a fire and listening to your favorite records. Many musicians have written great songs about the beauty of winter, but others lament the season's cold temperatures and falling snow. From rock & roll to hip-hop, it seems that every genre of music has a ton of wonderful winter songs. The songs below aren't necessarily holiday winter songs, so if you're looking for a Christmas playlist than this list might not be right for you.

Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes hit, “Winter,” appears on this list of the top winter songs. Some of the stand-out lyrics from this tune include, “Snow can wait I forgot my mittens/Wipe my nose get my new boots on.” Paul Simon has written many songs about the seasons. In 2011, he released the winter single, “Getting Ready for Christmas Day.”

Bon Iver musician Justin Vernon is often inspired by winter's snow. The Bon Iver track, “Holocene,” is an example of a great song that references winter in its lyrics and captures winter's feel with its composition.

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