The Best Meaningful Songs For A Father's Funeral

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult losses to experience and a funeral can be a time to commemorate, reflect, and heal. Music is an integral part of any funeral service and if you're struggling to find funeral songs for your dad, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a list of great songs, ranging in style and genre, that will help honor your father. 

Country songs are known for being melancholy, so there are plenty of songs of that genre below. From newer artists like Keith Urban to classic stars like George Straight, there are plenty of mournful country songs to choose from. However, if that's not your favorite genre, there are other options. Green Day's famous 2005 hit "Wake Me Up When September Ends" was penned by Billie Joe Armstrong in memory of his late father. Beyoncé's "Daddy" is a touching song praising her own father for making her who she is today. There are also songs like "You Raise Me Up" and "Wind Beneath My Wings" that sing of a role model or hero, which can be a wonderful way to honor a parent. 

Below, vote up the songs you think would be a good choice for a father's funeral. Feel free to add any options you think are missing as well. 

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  • You Raise Me Up
  • Thank You For Being My Dad

    Thank You For Being My Dad

    216 votes
  • No image

    Father, You Believed (Iglesias Vocal)

    96 votes
  • You Can Let Go Now Daddy

    You Can Let Go Now Daddy

    100 votes