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The Best Meaningful Songs For A Grandpa's Funeral

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Losing a grandfather is a painful time and music can help put those feelings into words. The best funeral songs for grandpa represent the bond you shared, sealed in unconditional love. Some songs about the death of a grandfather are modern ballads, while other memorial songs for grandpa have been around for centuries. A few songs to play at a funeral for a grandfather are about a life well-lived.

What songs to remember your grandpa will you find on this list? "My Way" by Frank Sinatra has to be near the top. Old Blue Eyes' tale of a life lived to its fullest is a perfect tribute to a beloved grandfather. 

"Beautiful Day" is one of the more upbeat funeral songs for a grandpa. "Granddaddy’s Song" by Kyle Bennett Band and "Grandpa Told Me So" are good country funeral songs for grandpa. You’ll see some good Christian funeral songs for grandpa on this list as well.

Below, please vote up the best songs to play at a grandpa's funeral. Feel free to add any good music for grandpa’s funeral that we may have missed.