14 Songs You Never Realized Are All About Drugs

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There is absolutely no doubt that Afroman’s "Because I Got High" and Eric Clapton’s "Cocaine" are about drugs; it says so right there in the title. However, not every artist is so on the nose, and there are a slew of songs you didn't know are about drugs. Here are 14 secret drug songs that may surprise you.

Some of the songs on this list are certainly up to interpretation. Not every artist is just going to come out and say, "This is a song about an illegal substance." True, David Byrne often tells a live audience that his song "And She Was" is about LSD. But it’s only obvious once you know that. And remember the hit song "Semi-Charmed Life"? It's almost definitely among songs you never noticed are about drug use. But listen closer, and you'll notice the crystal meth references all over the lytics. It’s just so upbeat and catchy that it’s hard to make out the brutally dark meaning.

From Ed Sheeran to U2, plenty of not-so-druggy rock stars have penned surprising odes to drug abuse. Take a listen and get ready to have your eyes opened.