15 Songs You Never Realized Are Actually Diss Tracks

When it comes to pop songs that are diss tracks, ingenious subtlety is often just as good as ... or perhaps even better than ... full-on mockery. While the world will always welcome blatant parodies like Frank Zappa's "Bobby Brown" and the like, there really is something to be said for brilliantly passive-aggressive treatments of celebrity feuds in song.

Take Tori Amos's "Professional Widow," for instance - could it be about Courtney Love? The Foo Fighters' "Let It Die" might be about her, too. And is Radiohead's "Punch Up at a Wedding" really a response to a bad review? Either way, the lyrics are deliciously scathing.

Some artists, of course, choose to keep their double meanings eternally cryptic, but it's still always fascinating to see private issues played out in the public arena of art. These secretly insulting pop songs managed to hit their mark perfectly, all while maintaining a facade that's just innocent enough. Perhaps more celebrity fights should be settled with music.