songs If Life Was A Movie, What Song Would You Want To Play During Your Epic Fight Scene?  

Lowe Saddler
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Have you ever imagined your life as a movie? Maybe you see yourself as the romantic lead, or the savvy detective bringing the perp to justice. Or maybe you want to be the action star. If you've gotten caught up in cinematic daydreams, then this list is for you – it's all about the songs you'd want your fight scenes set to.

It's all too easy to get caught up in the scenes from your favorite horror movies or Jackie Chan's cinematic exploits. You feel like you're right there in the thick of things, fighting off villains and kicking major tail. Hey, who knows, maybe you could beat Jason Voorhees more successfully than any of his Friday The 13th victims. Maybe all you'd need is an epic fight song to spur you to action.

We asked movie and music aficionados which song would play during the brawls of their hypothetically cinematized lives and the answers were varied. Some thought slower ballads would highlight how calmly they could pulverize their enemies, while others chose more aggressive songs to soundtrack the action. Have a look at them all below.

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Eye Of The Tiger Survivor

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Fight the Power Public Enemy

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Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses

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War Pigs Black Sabbath

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Never Scared Bone Crusher

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Minimum Wage They Might Be Giants

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Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

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Give Up The Funk Parliament

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Build Me Up Buttercup The Foundations

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Angel Sarah McLachlan

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Kiss With A Fist Florence and the Machine

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To Glory is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list If Life Was A Movie, What Song Would You Want To Play During Your Epic Fight Scene?
Sam Cook added To Glory By Two Steps From Hell's Invincible album.

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A Little Faster There for Tomorrow

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Trouble P!nk