Common Songs from Movies, TV Shows and Commercials You Don't Know the Name Of

You know those songs you're familiar with but can't place? The ones you hear everywhere, the ones that feel like they've always existed? The circus song that's played when the clowns come out. The haunted house organ song. That racist "Asian" riff. The one that played on Looney Tunes during all the chase scenes. What are those songs, anyway?

It turns out there are a ton of famous songs you don't know the names of. What they all have in common is an uncanny ability, thanks to pop culture, to evoke bizarrely specific feelings. Because of that, they're all go-to tracks for filmmakers and TV producers (meaning many have since become cliches). Read on to learn what the heck all those songs are even called (and be sure to listen, too: your mind will be blown at least once).