The Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games of All Time, Ranked

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Game must be part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, not just feature Sonic characters as part of the game.

In the best Sonic games, you're always flying by the seat of your 16-bit pants, barely reacting fast enough to obstacles. As for which Sonic the Hedgehog games are the best, that award takes longer to determine. Fans such as yourself have voted for their favorite Sonic game of all time. Does the list agree with you? Voice your opinion quickly and vote now! So whether you're a fan of Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, be sure to vote!

The list of best Sonic the Hedgehog games below have been ranked from best to worst with cover art when available. If you think the coolest Sonic the Hedgehog game to play isn't as high as it should be then make sure to vote it up so that it has the chance to rise to the top. Are you and a friend arguing over what the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog game of all time is? Use this list of fun to play Sonic the Hedgehog video games to see how many people would agree with you and end the squabble once and for all. Be sure to share this full list of iconic Sonic the Hedgehog games by clicking one of the social media icons on the top or bottom of the page.

If you're wondering, "What are the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog games?" or "What is the best Sonic the Hedgehog game of all time?" then this list should answer your questions.
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