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'Sons Of Anarchy' Fan Theories

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The show ended in 2014, but fan theories about Sons of Anarchy (SOA) are still plentiful. As with all the best shows to binge watch, the Sons of Anarchy ending - as well as its beginning and virtually everything in between those two points - have inspired rampant speculation about the curious world these unforgettable characters inhabited.

What is the Jax Teller death theory? What became of Tig, arguably the show's most fascinating character? And who was the homeless woman who appeared routinely throughout the entire series?

These are merely a few of the questions that fans have grappled with, spinning fanciful ideas about who the SOA characters may have been, where they've ended up, and their connections to other television shows. It's the mark of truly great television that years after the final episode aired, there remains everything from a Sons of Anarchy finale theory to elaborate fantasies about beloved characters running off and getting married. 

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    Gemma Is The Living Embodiment Of Disorder

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    Redditor /u/Rodizzles1996 says that Gemma is the personification of the word "anarchy." She's only happy when everything is in chaos. The Redditor speculates, "Gemma is anarchy and the Sons are her sons. She uses them when Clay was [president], she threatens people with them. She sees them as family and since she's a fierce mother, they all suffer."

    In addition, the Redditor says, "I first got wind of this theory when I noticed Happy and some of the other sons call her mom. Then other characters called her the queen. I see Gemma causing the chaos and [serving as] the driver of Jax's rage."

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    The Homeless Woman Represents God, Jesus, An Angel, Or The Grim Reaper

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    The homeless woman who shows up in various SOA episodes is a source of endless speculation for fans. In one Reddit thread alone, users throw out a string of ideas: She's a federal agent, God, Jesus, guardian angel - or she's just a random homeless person.

    As Vanity Fair points out, in the finale Jax asks her who she is, and she suspiciously resembles the popular image of the Grim Reaper, hood and all.

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    'SOA' Is A Modern Retelling Of 'Hamlet'

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    Another often-repeated theory is that SOA is a contemporary re-imaging of Hamlet. Both Jax and Hamlet are on a quest for vengeance after they lose their father; Clay is Claudius and Tara is Ophelia.

    By the end, only Jax/Hamlet and Gemma/Gertrude are left to square off. And both SOA and Hamlet end in mayhem.

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    'SOA,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'Scandal,' 'The Shield,' and 'House Of Cards' Are Set In The Same Universe

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    Because Kurt Sutter helmed both The Shield and SOA, the two shows are often theorized to be in the same universe. But Redditor /u/GaslightProphet took it one step further by suggesting meticulous connections to Breaking Bad, Scandal, and House of Cards. Essentially, much of the political machinations and crooked goings-on of these shows trace back to SOA in some way. According to the Redditor, one possible connection includes:

    We find out in Season 5 that the Niners are secretly run by a very wealthy, conniving, Black businessman called "Damon Pope." Who else do we know that's incredibly calculating, susceptible to [mayhem], African American, and has the last name "Pope?" Olivia's own father, head of a top-secret government agency in the show Scandal. And where else do we see... the Niners? The Shield.

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