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30 Criminals With Incredibly Sophisticated Palates

Updated February 2, 2021 15.2k views30 items

Food heists are some of the most intriguing crimes in the world. They often involve intricate schemes and plots that put the average bank robbery to shame. It gets even more interesting when the food crimes involve delicacies that are sometimes worth thousands, or even millions of dollars.

We're not talking about tons of liquid cheese being stolen. We're looking at things like caviar, champagne, and foie gras. The delicacies that a broke college kid could never afford and the luxurious foods that the rich and famous can't live without. These are the high crimes of the food world. If there's such a thing as a food crime ring or organized food crime, it'll be on this list.

These criminals went to great lengths to steal some of the most coveted foods found in the world. From Mission: Impossible-esque heists involving royalty and lasers to covert capers that are still a mystery, these crimes run the gamut. If the criminals are successful, they're looking at a life full of luxury foods; if they fail, they'll be stuck with prison food for a long time to come.

You may love food, your Instagram might be filled with all of your best meals, but are you as crazy about food as these culinary criminals?

  • The Case Of The Missing Cheese

    A Wisconsin thief stole $70,000 worth of cheese products in January 2016. To do it, they swiped an entire semi-tractor full of the stuff. The truck was hours later, but the cheese was already gone. Part of a string of cheesy heists, nearly $90,000 worth of Parmesan also went missing earlier in the week.
  • The Great Foie Gras Heist Of '94

    In Paris in 1994, a couple of bandits made off with about $100,000 worth of foie gras. After a day-long wild goose chase, authorities found the half empty truck only minutes away from where it was originally stolen. About half of the foie gras was still in the truck, but it had all spoiled by the time authorities got there.
  • The Cheesy Crime Syndicate

    Thieves in France stole 8,818 pounds of Comté cheese. In total, the heist was worth about $43,000. The cheese retails for forty dollars or more normally, but is worth considerably less on the black market. Unfortunately for the criminals, the cheese is also becoming more widely available worldwide which may further reduce the price.
  • The Duck Duck Goose Bandits

    Eight tons of liver and four tons of duck and goose thighs were stolen from a French town in what turned out to be an inside job. An employee at the refrigeration plant from which the products were stolen had an associate help him out with the crime. They then sold the livers and thighs at low prices to "seduce unscrupulous restaurateurs."