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10 Horrifying Crimes Committed By Sorority Sisters

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College is a wild time for a lot of people - a time for letting loose, experimenting with drinking and drugs, and partying. Members of fraternities and sororities are often pinned as the more hardcore partiers and sometimes are at the center of major scandals. Members of Greek Life have found themselves in the news more than a handful of times throughout history, ranging from accusations of sexual assault to extreme instances of hazing. And while frat guys are usually the ones involved in scandals, sorority crimes are definitely known to happen. 

Not all sorority sisters are pure of heart. In fact, there are plenty of cases of sorority girls behaving badly. If you're interested to learn just what kinds of trouble these young women can get themselves into, look no further. 

  • A Sorority Sister Was Murdered Shortly After She Was Arrested For Drug Dealing

    Andrea “Andy” DelVesco was a senior at UCLA studying psychology and Spanish. DelVesco was also a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. So, it came as a total shock when her dead body was found in her apartment after it caught fire in September 2015. 

    An autopsy of DelVesco’s body revealed she was stabbed multiple times and most likely died before the fire was started. What would be the reason for killing a college student? As it turned out, DelVesco was arrested for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, meth, LSD, and ecstasy with intent to sell shortly before her death. DelVesco was murdered just days before she was scheduled to appear in court for her arrest.

    The two men arrested for the murder - Alberto Medina and Eric Marquez - were also college students. According to prosecutors, the two killed DelVesco in a robbery-gone-wrong, possibly related to her drug-dealing activities. 

  • Two Cal State LA Pledges Drowned In The Ocean

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    In 2002, officers found the dead bodies of Kristin High and Kenitha Saafir from the surf off of Dockweiler State Beach. Initially, they thought the two Cal State LA students died while partying at the beach. However, they later discovered the deaths were a result of a sorority hazing ritual.

    A private investigation revealed that, the night of the girls' deaths, the two were forced by active members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to engage in strenuous physical activity before they were ordered to walk backward toward the ocean. A lawsuit was filed, although no arrests were made and the matter was settled out of court. Difficulties arose during the investigation after the surviving pledges would not speak to authorities. The victims' pledge journals had been deleted from their phones along with certain cell phone numbers which may have been an integral part of the investigation.

  • Rutgers Sorority Girls Paddled A Pledge So Bad That She Bled

    In January 2010, Rutgers University police arrested six members of the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority after a pledge sought medical attention for blood clots and welts on her buttocks that made it too painful for her to sit. The wounds were the result of approximately 200 beatings that had taken place over the course of eight days at a student apartment complex. The victim was beaten with wooden paddles.

    The practice was done, supposedly, to create a strong bond between the pledges and active members as well as keep the pledges humble. The six sorority members who were arrested were all charged with aggravated hazing. 

  • Sorority Sisters Were Arrested After Making Pledges Eat Garbage

    Despite being disbanded by the national Alpha Omicron Pi sorority over a year before the incident, seven former members of the unofficial chapter at the University of Albany were arrested in November 2016 after they made their "pledges" eat garbage, mud, rotten milk and eggs, and yelled obscenities at them. One of the people forced to endure the hazing ritual had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.

    The women were arrested after a neighbor called in a noise complaint.