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Whatever Happened To Soulja Boy Tell 'Em?

He majorly scored with the smash hit song "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" in 2007, but what happened to Soulja Boy Tell 'Em? After his first few successful albums and a Grammy Award nomination, his career lost steam, and Soulja Boy gradually disappeared from the charts. But the provocative rapper, actor, and entrepreneur is still making music... and enemies.  

Born DeAndre Cortez Way on July 28, 1990, Soulja hails from Chicago, IL. He leveraged social media when it was still new - you've definitely seen people put their own spin on the "Soulja Boy dance." But even if you can do it flawlessly, there are still probably many things you never knew about Soulja Boy.

  • He Tried To Remake Tupac's Movie 'Juice'

    In 2011, Soulja Boy announced plans to remake the 1992 film Juice, starring himself as Tupac Shakur's character Roland Bishop. Many people seemed perplexed by Soulja's plans. As a disapproving Ice-T bluntly said, "What?! But that's Pac."

    The backlash was for nothing. The movie has yet to be released.

  • He Said 'All Eyez On Me' Movie Execs Asked Him To Portray Tupac

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    Allegedly, Soulja Boy almost portrayed Tupac Shakur in the biopic All Eyez on Me. In 2011, Soulja said:

    I got an email from William Morris Agency - that's my agency that I'm with - they reached out to me to play the part. I'm just still thinking about it right now... But I'm just honored that they would reach out to me and ask me anyway.

    Filming didn't start until 2015; by that point, Demetrius Shipp Jr. was cast as Tupac.

  • He Got A Face Tattoo


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    Despite the lack of a formal Cash Money contract, Soulja boy seemed to show his allegiance to Birdman's label. In 2013, he got a Rich Gang face tattoo, around the same time Cash Money released the Birdman mixtape Rich Gang. Soulja faced criticism for his new look.

  • He Tried To Remove A Face Tattoo

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    Soulja Boy has multiple face tattoos. In 2012, he inked the Gucci logo on his forehead. However, in 2015, he underwent laser surgery to have it removed. He documented the process, saying it helped him "strive to be a better person every day."