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Soulja Boy Loves and Hookups

Updated 24 Jul 2019 8.8k views18 items

Since he’s a world-famous hip hop artist, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of Soulja Boy girlfriends. Soulja Boy exes include TV personalities, fellow rappers, models, and adult film stars.

So who is Soulja Boy dating? Most recently the rapper has been linked to Brittish Williams, who reportedly left her fiancé to pursue the relationship. There is no Soulja Boy wife. The rapper has never been married. 

Nia Riley was the Soulja Boy girlfriend before Williams. The pair even appeared on the TV show Marriage Boot Camp. Other Soulja Boy relationships include Trina, Rubi Rose, and India Love.

Continue reading below for the full Soulja Boy dating history. This list includes women Soulja Boy dated, their profession, and where they are from. 

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