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12 Facts We Learned About 'The Sound of Music' That Just Became A Few Of Our Favorite Things

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The Sound of Music was released in 1965 and had an immediate impact on American cinema. Starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, the Rogers and Hammerstein musical was the top-grossing film of 1965, won several Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, and for several years was the top-grossing film of all time.

But the appeal of the film is not its awards or box office numbers, but the enduring legacy of its sentimental heart. Old fans and generations of new fans are drawn to Andrews's performance and the movie's positivity. While we have been warmed by the film's affirming messages for over half a century, there's always more to learn about the movie.

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    The Real Life Maria Von Trapp Makes An Appearance Behind Julie Andrews

    As Julie Andrews sings the song “I Have Confidence," she passes under a large archway. Behind Andrews three women pass by: the real Maria von Trapp, her daughter, Rosmarie, and the daughter of Werner von Trapp, one of the original von Trapp children whom Maria cared for.

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    Salzburg Barred The Film From Hanging Swastikas Until They Threatened To Use Newsreel Footage

    The city of Salzburg, Austria banned the display of all Nazi imagery. So when The Sound of Music filmed in the city only a few decades after WWII, the city leaders would not let them hang any banners as props. They only relented when production threatened to use actual newsreel footage of the city, fully emblazoned in swastikas. 

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    The Love Scene Is Shot In Silhouette Because Julie Andrews Kept Giggling At The Lights

    During the kiss between Julie Andrews and Cristopher Plummer, the overhead lights made a continuous hissing sound. Andrews found it hilarious because she thought of it as the lights' review of the performance. After trying and failing to stifle her laughter, the director ditched the lights and shot the scene in silhouette.

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    Julie Andrews Was Knocked Over By Helicopters While Filming The Opening Scene

    Redditor u/gmcl86 reveals that while Julie Andrews was twirling in the meadow during the film's opening sequence, the film crew was circling around her on helicopters The down draft was so strong that Andrews was repeatedly knocked to the ground.

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