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People Are Sharing Their "Sounds Fake But Okay" Stories That Are Actually Real

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We would love to call these people out for lying but the thing is, they're not!

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    Happy Birthday!

    From Redditor u/youngthugsmom:

    I was at a store when Tony Hawk was signing autographs. I was only 10 at the time and was a huge fan. One of his early video games had just come out. The store had a couple tv’s on the wall and some video games to play. Being a kid I waited for one controller to open up and someone leave. A kid ended up leaving and I grabbed the controller and started playing and minding my own business. A couple minutes later the store wanted to grab photos of Tony playing his own video game. He came over and grabbed the second controller and began to play multiplayer with me. Probably played for 10 minutes. The bonus was it was also my 10th birthday. So I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Tony Hawk.

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    A Grim Memory

    From Redditor u/septicman:

    I took my mother for a surprise trip to NYC. She got married to my father there in '68. The surprise was manufactured by way of telling her we were going to Australia (we live in New Zealand, so a trip to Australia is not a huge deal, it's the type of thing you could do for the weekend) and therefore she packed a bag and brought her passport. We got to the airport and said "Surprise! We're going to New York!" and she cried her eyes out with delight.

    When we arrived, on our first morning, I said "Okay, what do you want to do?"

    She said "When I was last here, in 1968, the Twin Towers weren't complete, so, I'd like to go to the top of them."

    "Your wish is my command!" I said and off we went to the WTC.

    That was the afternoon of September 10th, 2001. Suffice it to say, there was a particular poignancy when we looked out the window at around 8am the next morning.

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    Happy Anniversary

    From Redditor u/sierra-_-charlie:

    My wife(then girlfriend) and I eloped.

    We crossed over three states in India over a 5 day period to get married.

    My father-in-law (then mortal nemesis) is a well-connected man.

    He got in touch with his contacts in the police department to try and get a hold of us and filed a formal complaint as part of due process.

    Long story short, We got married. The rather inept police couldn’t find a couple of 21 year olds.

    Over the next 4 months, all of it was sorted out.

    First, we were vilified, then the parents were mollified, etc etc.

    But in the beautiful ending to that story, my father-in-law forgot to retract his complaint.

    Proceed to our first wedding anniversary and we were taking a flight out of the country for a celebratory vacation.

    From Bombay airport, India to Dubai Airport, The United Arab Emirates.

    I was flagged at immigration and was taken across to a cell where I was duly arrested.

    My crime?


    I was being accused of having kidnapped the lady I was now married to.

    Taken to a cell. Whilst my wife tried to explain the misunderstanding.

    One c*** of a cop told her, “madam, don’t worry, we know how Stockholm Syndrome works”, “you are safe now” etc.

    And this was on a Friday evening.

    Due judicial process was followed and I was released by the judge on the following Monday.

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    No BS, Just Ask My Mom

    From Redditor u/Bitter-Basket:

    In Minnesota in the 70's, I was sixteen taking my drivers test. Nervous as hell. A highway patrol officer was the "road tester" back then which was even more nerve wracking. But I thought I was doing pretty good the whole time because I had lots of practice with my parents.

    THEN towards the end of the driving test, I was at a "T" intersection across from a hospital, I was hesitant to turn onto the road because traffic was busy. I could tell the officer was getting a little impatient, but he was nicely telling me to be a little aggressive. Suddenly at the hospital across from us, someone pushed out a screen from a window on the third floor (psych ward). A women jumped out the window onto a garage roof underneath, then jumped to the ground and ran across the road right by us.

    The officer had me turn around (I was in my mom's car) and chase the girl in the neighborhood. When I would pull up to a stop sign during the chase, he would say "GO GO GO, JUST GO THROUGH IT". After awhile, when she started to get away, he gave up with me being the "chase driver" and told me to head back to the DMV office. I was a complete shaking mess at this point - ready to accept the fact I would not get a license anytime soon (devastating for a sixteen year old boy). He grabbed my score sheet. Said "You passed." And handed it to me. I got an 88 score. He ran to his HW patrol car and tore off to continue the chase.

    I go in the office a complete mess. My Mom was already really nervous because we were gone so long, then she saw me looking like a ghost. She said "WHAT HAPPENED". Told her I passed, then told her the story on the way home. She wasn't amused and pretty pissed at the highway patrol guy. When I tell the story, I say "No BS, just ask my Mom."

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