Graveyard Shift
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What Sound Is Way Scarier When You Hear It Late At Night?

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When things go bump in the night, your heart goes bump in the night, too. Scary noises at night doesn't necessarily need to be as specific as creepy audio recordings or bloodcurdling screams, but this does makes them freakier. Everyday noises, when robbed of the positive veneer of daylight, are made sinister by the cover of darkness. The source of such a noise may lie outside a person's realm of vision or, for the really unlucky, outside a person's understanding. Is that a woman screaming bloody murder?! Nope, it's just a fox in the yard, no biggie.

The sounds made creepier at night typically come from relatively mundane sources. Like the scariest noises people have ever heard, they tend to leave an impression on the mind and a ringing in the ear. The creepy night sounds below are all relatively tame, until the unfortunate dark night when that noise pierces what should be the slumbering stillness of the middle of the night. 

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    The Ice Maker

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    Cracking Joints

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    Your Pet's Noises