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People You Want South Park to Make Fun of

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Which celebrity do you want to see made fun of by Trey and Matt on South Park? The show does a truly incredible job of including any and every celebrity, public figure, politician, and Internet star begging to be ruthlessly mocked. Rarely is it a good time for the famous person, but once Trey Parker and Matt Stone decide someone needs to be made fun of, there's really no stopping them.

Every year more and more new people make choices that put them in Parker and Stone's crosshairs, we've decided to help the process along by choosing some folk we feel are in need of the South Park treatment. They might be a politician who has done an impressive job of making themselves look awful, or a news personality that's done the same. They might be a hedge fund manager who has gone out of his way to profit exponentially at the blatant cost of lives. Or maybe it's some clerk who refused to let two people get married. Or maybe it's just a movie star who is really, really annoying.

These are the people worthy of the hilarious scorn that South Park unleashes onto the public weekly. Vote up the celebrities, public figures, politicians, news anchors and other people that you most want South Park to make fun of. And if we missed any especially mockable people, add them to the wish list.