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30 Facts You Didn't Know About South Park

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Since it debuted in 1997, South Park has made it way too fun to be an adult television fan. Far from your typical Saturday morning cartoons, the long-running Comedy Central animated series is dark, crude, and keeps us "grown ups" laughing. Not just one of the best animated series of all time, South Park is also one of the best TV shows in general, and is known for its topical humor - but do you know what goes on behind the scenes?

Let's start with the characters of South Park. Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Eric lead the way for a, shall we say, "unique" group, many of which are based on real people (and even family members!) South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker know. In addition to the usual quirks of the show and its take on modern day events, there are certain staples that appear in almost every episode. Have you ever spotted an alien or a celebrity on South Park? How many times has Kenny died (that poor guy)? Did you know South Park is in the Guinness Book of World Records for... well, we'll let you read on and find out.

Here are 27 interesting trivia facts and South Park Easter eggs for your enjoyment. Also check out this list of the best South Park episodes, ranked by fans.
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    Butters had a different nickname.

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    Butters was originally named Poof Poof!
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    Butters has a real name.

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    You may know him as Butters, but his real name is… drumroll, please: Leopold Stotch.