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Crazy Good Fan Theories About South Park

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A show as crazy as South Park is bound to generate more than a few crazy fan theories. The show has touched on seemingly every major event for the last twenty years, and stirred up controversy every step of the way. It has also created its own vast, strange mythology, giving fans plenty of raw materials giving fans plenty of raw materials to make outlandish yet believable theories.

Some of the South Park fan theories make a lot of sense while others are more fun than anything else. We'll probably never know for certain whether any of these fan theories about South Park are actually true, but one thing is for certain: no one and nothing is safe from the show's satirical t-shirt cannon. From Jesus to Saddam Hussein, the show has made fun of just about everyone.

One of the best parts about South Park conspiracy theories is just how off the wall some of them can be. But because the show is equally crazy, no theory is entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Check out this list of some of the best South Park theories and vote up the ones you think make the most sense.
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    South Park Is Just the World the Kids See

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    For most kids, the world is a strange and mysterious place. Add in a few highly active imaginations and it's possible that all of what happens in the town South Park is real, except it's being told from the kids' exaggerated point of view. Kenny dying, for instance, might just be their overreactions to him being clumsy and getting hurt frequently.
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    Kenny Is the Reason No One Ages in South Park

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    Basically, the idea behind this theory is that Kenny isn't immortal, but he does have a unique ability to regenerate. It states that time then warps around him in a supernatural way and the whole town of South Park has somehow gotten wrapped up in his regenerative time warping phenomenon. Of course, the boys did once age up to fourth grade, but they've been stuck there ever since.
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    Kenny's Family Is so Poor Because of All His Funerals

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    For Kenny's family, it's tough to say which is harder, to have a son that routinely dies or to have to pay those funeral expenses time and time again. According to this theory, that's why Kenny's family is so poor. They've had to pay for dozens of funerals for their son, only to have him come back to life and die again each time.
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    South Park Is Purgatory for Dead Morons

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    According to this theory, all of South Park is, in fact, purgatory for idiots. All of the adults have ended up in the ethereal plane of South Park after death because of their overwhelming idiocy while all of the kids are essentially angels in training, trying to learn about humanity by interacting with the most imbecilic members of the species. Not to mention the fact that Jesus and Satan (the only ones who would really care about these morons) just stop by all the time to check in on things regularly.
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