Great Southern Gospel Songs

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The best Southern gospel songs are among the most beloved and enduring tunes in all of gospel music. But what, exactly, is Southern gospel music? The genre is hard to define, but you know it when you hear it – and you can hear it on this list of notable Southern gospel songs, which includes videos by some of the gosepl’s most popular artists. Listen closely, and you'll pick up elements of traditional gospel, country, and even bluegrass music in these songs.

Some aficionados of Southern gospel call it “quartet music," because years ago, a vast majority of this style of music was performed by harmony quartets. But not all famous Southern gospel songs were performed by quartets – there are plenty of trios and duos represented here as well, along with soloists. Today, Southern gospel still features a lot of harmonies. Some top Southern gospel songs have been recorded over and over by multiple artists, speaking to the timelessness of the music itself. From Southern gospel versions of classic Christian hymns like “Amazing Grace” to the soaring spirituality of the Southern gospel interpretation of “I’ll Fly Away,” this list contains a variety of excellent examples of the genre.

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