32 Epic Souvenir Fails 

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Who doesn't love a great crappy souvenir? Let’s face it, sometimes part of the fun of almost any trip is looking for absolutely hideous and funny travel gifts to bring home for your friends and family. The items you’ll find here however, take the concept to another level entirely. This collection of hilarious souvenir fails is like an online museum featuring the worst of the worst. We’ve got everything from mugs that commemorate events that never actually happened to figurines that can’t even be bothered to spell the names of the cities they depict correctly.

Where do these hideous relics of awkward vacations come from, you ask? All over the globe, we tell you! Some were found lurking in bustling village markets where nobody had ever called their crappy spelling skills or obvious phallic shape into question. Others were found resting at the feet of national monuments, certain that someone would eventually come along who really was insane enough to purchase a bottle of water that once roared over Niagara Falls. Others still seem to almost exist simply to be offensive enough to assure your crappy boss that you really didn’t care enough to spring for a souvenir pencil.

So scroll down and get a load of the worst funny travel souvenirs the world of tourism has to offer. Whether they originated as unintentional mistakes, boldly tacky trinkets, or just never should’ve existed at all, we’ve got them here on display in all their glory. Without further ado, we give you this monumental collection of epic souvenir fails! Do you have your own funny tchotchke? Let us know in the comments section!