Soviet Spies Working in the United States

List of Soviet spies and secret agents operating within the United States. The following individuals worked as espionage agents at various times during the 20th Century in America, on behalf of a number of foreign governments and agencies. Some were directly in the employ of the Soviet Union (USSR), while others worked for other Warsaw Pact member nations, and even simply nations affiliated with the Soviet or international Communist cause.

Obviously, there were likely Soviet or Communist spies in America who were never discovered, so no list can be absolutely definitive. This list focuses on people who eventually revealed or were revealed to have direct ties to espionage, either via their own testimony or other evidence.

The list includes individuals from every facet of American life, from Hollywood producers to intellectuals to scientists to even government employees. They also were working behind-the-scenes on a number of known and unknown Soviet or Communist operations. Some were in the business of stealing US secrets, others spreading disinformation, and yet others disrupting financial or military projects. When possible, the foreign governments or organizations the spies were working for have been included in the list.

Ranked by
  • A. A. Yatskov

    Working for: Soviet Union - The "Berg" & "Art" Group
  • A. I. Akhmerov

    Working for: Soviet Union - KGB Illegals
  • Dec. at 58 (1892-1950)
    Working for: Soviet Union - Sorge ring
  • Al Sarant

    Working for: Soviet Union - Rosenberg ring
  • Alan Nunn May

    Dec. at 91 (1911-2003)
    Working for: Soviet Union - Buben group
  • Working for: Soviet Union - NKVD and KGB