Interesting Fan Theories About Space Adventure Movies That Make Us Want to Rewatch

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Outer space has continued to be an intriguing and major genre for film, especially when it comes to space adventures. With an infinite slew of unknown landscapes, casts of interesting characters, and incredible storytelling, it's no wonder why this particular subgenre has lasted so long. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding films about space adventures.

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    Characters In 'The Fifth Element' Represent The Other Elements

    Characters In 'The Fifth Element' Represent The Other Elements
    Photo: The Fifth Element / Gaumont Buena Vista International

    From Redditor u/ramshackleray:

    In The Fifth Element, the four main supporting characters around Leeloo each represent one of the four elements.

    In the first scene of the film, the professor translates the hieroglyphs on the temple wall, “ elements around the fifth.” I believe this not only refers to the four Element Stones, but also the people that helped support Leeloo in her journey to the temple. Now, I don’t think this theory actually impacts the plot, but I do think it is a fun lens to view the characters through.

    • Father Vito Cornelius – Earth

    A Priest of an ancient order whose sole purpose is to protect the Earth and all life on it.

    • The Diva Plavalaguna – Water

    “Plava laguna” means literally “blue lagoon,” and we find her performing on the planet of Fhloston, which is almost 100% water.

    • Ruby Rhod – Air

    A radio star constantly broadcasting live “on air.” His non-stop flowing speech pattern makes him quite literally a windbag.

    • Korben Dallas – Fire

    We are first introduced to Korben on a smash cut immediately after a giant ball of fire fills up the screen. However, Korben has a lot of character development to go through before he can become the “fire” needed to help Leeloo. Though right from the start, we can see the imagery and potential for fire all around him. He starts his day by literally looking for fire (a match)... to light a cigarette. He finds two empty matchboxes along the way before finally finding one with a few inside. Then later in the film, after he hits rock bottom, he tries to light two more matches, both burn out on him, leaving one match behind (we’ll come back to this match later).

    Then we get to Ruby Rhod, who uses fire imagery constantly in reference to Korben:

    “This boy is fueled like fire, so start melting ladies cause the boy is hotter than hot, he’s hot Hot HOT.”

    “Quiver ladies, quiver he’s gonna set the world on fire”

    However, once he’s off air, what happens?

    “Korby my man, what was that? It was BAD it had nothing no fire no energy no nothing!”

    Ruby is calling out Korben for his lack of energy and drive. (Things Korben gains throughout his character arc in the film.) Now in the temple at the end of the film, Korben is given his final opportunity to prove himself. Nobody else has that “fire” that is required to open the stone. Ruby, who earlier dismissed Korben as having “no fire,” now looks to Korben.

    “Korby my man I have no fire I have no matches”...”We need some FIRE.”

    And Korben has that last match, to bring the fire. I think it’s a nice framing device for his character and a nice full circle use of matches as a metaphor for his development.

    Also he wears bright orange. I mean come on.

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    Storm Trooper Armor Isn't Actually Meant To Protect In 'Star Wars'

    Storm Trooper Armor Isn't Actually Meant To Protect In 'Star Wars'
    Photo: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/do_not_engage:

    TL;DR Storm Trooper armor was never meant to protect. It's just the cheapest, easiest way to create a unified appearing army out of conscripts and clones.

    We've all seen how pathetic Storm Trooper armor is, how it seems like it's made from cheap PVC plastic, how it provides what seems like zero protection from lasers or even the impact of an Ewok weapon. Finn mentions that the helmets don't even have full gas mask filtration in them.

    Building suits of actually useful armor to put on their never-ending supplies of recruits and clones would be prohibitively expensive. The Empire is spread all throughout the Galaxy, harvesting troopers and throwing them into battle, sending raw Space Janitors like Finn into fights, cloning morons and conscripting randos.

    The armor doesn't protect them. The armor isn't MEANT to protect them.

    The armor serves one purpose - it's a cheap way to create a monolithic army of fearsome appearing warriors.

    Cheap de-humanization.

    Storm Trooper armor turns the Empire's forces from a ragtag group of humans into a predatory gleaming white mass of EMPIRE. It doesn't matter how much they miss, or how quickly they go down. There's always more and they are all the same. This serves the double-duty of making every Rebel have to fear a faceless, never ending mass of Troopers... and helping to remove the humanity (just like not giving them real names) from the Troopers themselves.

    No clothing, no aesthetic, not even a visible face or hair. Just cheap white useless plastic, making you into another cog in the Empire's machine.

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    Korben Dallas Is Older Than He Looks In 'The Fifth Element'

    Korben Dallas Is Older Than He Looks In 'The Fifth Element'
    Photo: The Fifth Element / Gaumont Buena Vista International

    From Redditor u/vicrally:

    When the police come to Korben Dallas' door, they ask if he is human. He responds: "No, I'm a meat popsicle." First I thought he was just being cheeky, but then I wondered if he had been cryogenically frozen.

    Then General Munro comes to recruit Korben, he has a list of all space craft and weapons training needed for the mission. It's a very long list.

    I think it's very possible that Korben was fighting in the military somewhere across the galaxy. We know that interstellar travel is possible in The Fifth Element universe. Later in the movie, Korben correctly deals with the Mangalores. "They won't fight without the leader." Finger also mentions on the phone "For the guy that sat next to you for a thousand missions, I've seen how you drive."

    I theorize that Korben was fighting the Mangalores across the universe. I'd guess he was probably driving some sort of armored vehicle or space craft. When the battle was over, he was cryogenically frozen and then shipped back home on a very long flight.

    Korben also greets General Munro with a bit of sarcasm. Their banter suggests that they have known each other for quite some time. I'd suggest that Korben and General Munro were in basic together. When Korben left to fight the Mangalores, the General stayed and aged normally while Korben didn't age in cryogenic stasis.

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    Aura Is Manipulating Everything In Order To Overthrow Ming In 'Flash Gordon'

    Aura Is Manipulating Everything In Order To Overthrow Ming In 'Flash Gordon'
    Photo: Flash Gordon / Universal Pictures

    From Redditor u/nickbarlow:

    It occurred to me that despite being the supposed hero, Flash doesn't do too much in the movie except avoid dying thanks to others intervening at various points. He's blundering around while lots of things are going on around him, and then takes the credit or them at the end - even Ming's death occurs because he doesn't just step to one side to avoid the onrushing spike, rather than anything Flash does (he expected the Lightning Field to kill him, having no idea Zarkov would shut it down).

    So, what's really going on? I think Princess Aura's been planning to overthrow her father's rule for a long time, and uses the Earth people as a distraction while she sets her plans in motion. Why does she want to overthrow him? There's a subtext that he's done some pretty nasty stuff to her, and is happy to give her to Klytus, and her seeming loyalty to him at the start could well be just a front.

    So, she sees Flash and realises she can use him to push Barin into action. She only shows any interest in him when she's taking him to Arboria because she needs him to make Barin jealous. While she's doing that, her father's too distracted by Dale to notice anything else going on (she knows just how much Ming can get distracted by women, after all) and she also uses her power and influence to tamper with the reprogramming machine, so Zarkov's brain doesn't get wiped, figuring he'll be another useful distraction.

    After informing Vultan that Barin has Gordon and is planning something - thus pushing the two together - she heads back, knowing she'll be tortured, but also reasoning that it gives a good reason for her to publicly switch sides. Here's where she figures she can use Dale to assassinate Ming - even if it doesn't work, it sows a bit more chaos - not expecting her to say no to it, which then leads to her having to improvise a little and bust Zarkov and Barin out of prison.

    Ming then gets himself killed and Barin is named the 'rightful heir', after she's made sure he's still devoted to her. Who do you think is going to rule, though? The man from the swamp planet, or the woman who's spent her whole life at the heart of power and managed to engineer a massive power vacuum at the heart of the state which she'll be able to fill with her loyalists?

    Sure, things probably went a bit more chaotically than she planned, but trying to overthrow Ming was never going to be a guaranteed success and she took the opportunity she had and played it through. The only question now is what sort of ruler she'll be...

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    Jayne Was Almost A Reaver In 'Serenity'

    Jayne Was Almost A Reaver In 'Serenity'
    Photo: Serenity / Universal Pictures

    From Redditor u/tomatoaway:

    Miranda was a planet whose existence was purposefully wiped off of Alliance records when a population experiment ("The Miranda Project") went wrong and killed 99.9% of the population and turned the rest into bloodthirsty cannibalistic Reavers.

    So theory is: Jayne's life was directly influence by these events, and it is likely he was almost turned into a Reaver, had him and his family not been emigrated or forcefully removed.


    • Jayne was a hired gun from Caliban, which happens to be the only moon of Miranda.
    • Jayne also has no fears, except for a near-panic at the mention of Reavers.

    But The Miranda Project occurred in 2506, and Jayne was born in 2477, meaning he would be 29 when (a) the Reavers were created, (b) the existence of the planet Miranda would be wiped out of the humanity's conscious thought as nothing more than a legend, and (c) his home moon Caliban would be in the heartland of Reaver space.

    1. How can Jayne not remember Miranda, a planet he could not help but look into the sky and see many times throughout his life?
    2. Where do Jayne's mother and his sick younger brother now live?

    [Read the full theory here]

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    The Drej In 'Titan A.E.' Attacked Earth To Destroy The Ship

    The Drej In 'Titan A.E.' Attacked Earth To Destroy The Ship
    Photo: Titan A.E. / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/minus-ex:

    The Titan is capable of creating habitable planets, but at the cost of tons of energy. Even getting the ship away from earth in time to avoid the Drej attack drained the ship of the energy it needed to do its job.

    At the end of Titan A.E. we see Cale quickly modify the Titan to use the Drej as a power source to escape their attack and then create Bob.

    I believe the Titan was designed to use the Drej as a power source. Think about it: the Drej were known jerks that aligned with no one- who would really care if we started harvesting them for the power to create planets for the benefit of all aligned races?

    The Drej attacked earth for the purpose of destroying the Titan- a ship designed to genocide their race as a "cost of business." This explains why they attacked in the first place, as well as why they were still hunting the ship but seemed to leave the human colonies alone. The technology was what they feared - not us.