17 Fan Theories About Space Movies That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Outer space has always been an intriguing and major genre for film, especially amongst fans. With an infinite slew of unknown landscapes, casts of interesting characters, and incredible storytelling, it's no wonder why this particular subgenre has lasted so long. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding films about space.

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    There Are No Pollinators In 'Interstellar'

    From Redditor u/imusuallywatching:

    Interstellar had a very Grapes of Wrath opening with dust bowls and soil erosion issues leading us to believe that that was the cause of the lack of crop diversification. The last two were okra and corn. I wondered why those two and many can say well they are actually very hardy plants that can handle a wide variety of soil and are relatively drought tolerant, but there are plenty of plants like that, so what gives? Well neither need bees to pollinate. Corn is grown closely together to allow for wind pollination and okra is a self pollinator with both male and female parts. I think this is a big reason they are the last major crops, there are no bees to pollinate the crops.

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    The Predator Purposely Set The Self-Destruct Timer With Enough Time To Allow Dutch To Get Clear In 'Predator'

    From Redditor u/ghostofyourmom:

    It's his sense of honor. A lot of people claim that the Predator is a "sore loser" at the end of the film because he self-destructs when he realizes he's been beaten by Dutch. But this is not true at all. The Predator is sore, yes. At himself, for allowing himself to be vanquished.

    In Predator culture, I believe that it is acceptable to die in combat with a superior opponent, provided you went out fighting. When the Pred is lying there bleeding from the tree trunk, Dutch raises a big rock and gets ready to finish the job. But Dutch hesitates and puts down the rock. It is at this point that the Predator realizes that his opponent may be about to rob him of his earned honor by having mercy and sparing him. This is when he decides to resort to Plan B: suicide by explosive charge.

    But doing so with the touch of a button would kill Dutch as well, which wouldn't be acceptable to this Predator because he would be dying as a "sore loser." It's significant that Dutch survives the explosion with almost no injury by simply diving behind a log. It's because it isn't a huge, forest-levelling blast; it's a localized explosion of probably only a few meters. That's why the Predator laughing ISN'T a "last laugh" of triumph (more on that later).

    So the director of the film deliberately shows us that the Predator is inputting a COUNTDOWN code into the explosive wrist device. The Predator knew that Dutch would correctly assume that it's a self-destruct device and run to get clear. As for the Billy laugh, it is not a gesture of mockery or irony. Instead, it's the only way the Pred knows how to convey to Dutch that: "You were a worthy opponent. And you even spared me. Thank you. But it's time to die with the dignity I have left."

    1. The Predator's laugh at the end is not an actual laugh, you have to remember. It's a recording/playback/mimicry of Billy's laugh. So there are a LOT of interpretations open as to why the Pred decided to "play" the laugh at that moment. He could be taunting Dutch, yes. He could be "laughing" at his own failure. He could be crying out in pain and regret. He could be 'saluting' a worthy opponent. The thing to realize, though, is that how are we to know what the Predator even knows about human language? It could be like us with crickets. How could you even tell a cricket is laughing or crying out in anguish? Maybe the Predator had to make an estimated guess as to what Billy's laugh actually was? Don't think they've got such clever 'p*ssy' jokes on Planet Pred.
    2. I can see how it could be assumed that the self-destruct would require a timer countdown in order to function. But it just seems to me that a Predator's equipment would take into account various combat situations. I can see no problem with the assumption that the explosive has two detonation points: an insta-kill (maybe requiring holding it down for a second or two... and a countdown whose time and blast radius is at the Predator's discretion. These are advanced, alien, efficient, and ruthless killers we're talking about here.
    3. Maybe it's just me, but Arnie didn't look that injured as the chopper approached. I mean, he had burns, but he was walking upright and not screaming in pain. He effectively evaded most of the explosion by diving behind that log!
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    There Were Barely Any Aliens Left Alive When Ripley Discovers The Queen In 'Aliens'

    From Redditor u/MightyJagrafess:

    How many aliens are in Aliens? When Ripley goes to rescue Newt and discovers the Queen, there were barely any aliens left.

    This is based on evidence presented in the first two movies. To my evidence! Q1: How many aliens were there when the marines arrived? Around 70.

    - There are an absolute maximum of 155 aliens

    This one's easy. The population of Hadley's Hope is given on screen as 158. Newt, the poor guy who died when they removed the facehugger, and Mary (the woman the marines find alive) take three off of that number.

    - That number is probably way too high

    We don't have a lot of evidence from the first two movies, but in Human - Alien encounters, the aliens achieve a "seizure rate" of around 50%. They may want to take more, but they don't, for a variety of reasons.

    1. Even without the deleted scene showing their fates, Dallas and Brett are seized in Alien while Lambert and Parker are simply killed.
    2. In the initial alien ambush in Aliens, only Apone and Dietrich are actually seized, while Wierzbowski is killed directly. Frost and Crowe die by "accident," and Drake is an unknown, as the intention may have been to grab him. Of course, Vasquez shoots and he is sprayed with acid.
    3. In the second attack, Burke may have been grabbed, as well as Hudson, whereas Gorman and Vasquez die.

    This means that the hive probably maxed out at between 75 to 80 individual aliens, including the Queen, although the error bars on that are huge.

    - The Colonists fought for much longer and much harder than is immediately apparent

    There are two pieces of evidence here:

    1. The hamsters are still alive, suggesting there hadn't been a complete breakdown in 'society' until fairly recently
    2. Mary is still alive (briefly). The gestation period for an alien is not very long.

    This suggests that either Mary was extremely unlucky and was caught while the marines were in orbit, or even worse, while the marines were cracking wise about bug hunts and complaining about the cornbread, the colonists may still have been fighting!

    In addition to this, they clearly killed at least one, if the giant hole in the floor is any indication (Hicks points this out) and may have killed several more. As for any bodies of colonists or aliens, it does seem like the aliens like recycling and may have dragged everything back over to the atmospheric processor. All that resin had to come from somewhere.

    As for the downed transmitter, we don't know. It may even have been an unrelated accident, sidelined when much bigger problems arose.

    - Like most hive insects, the aliens do not care about the individual

    The alien in Alien was an ambush predator, moving around in vents and being very careful and sneaky. We don't know enough about them to be sure, but it may be that once a 'hive' exists, there is a pheromone or some other response in the aliens that let them be more aggressive. There is no evidence of how breeding in the hive works, but probably the vast majority of the hive don't mate with the Queen and are therefore expendable in attack and defense (from an evolutionary standpoint). The best example of this is the destruction of the dropship. Sure, the alien may not have known the results of killing a pilot, but it doesn't matter because that particular alien doesn't matter.

    So with these points in place, we can be generous and assume that the colonists may have killed around 5 aliens before the marines arrived, giving us 70 as our lower bound.

    [Read the full theory here]

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    The Russians Purposefully Caused The Chain Reaction To Destroy Dr. Stone's Device In 'Gravity'

    From Redditor u/rhymeswithgumbox:

    After watching Gravity a few weeks ago, I was just thinking about events in the movie and I think the Russians purposefully caused the chain reaction to destroy Dr. Stone and her device.

    Dr. Stone is basically rushed into space after developing some kind of scanning device. While trying to install the scanner, Russia just happens to blow up a satellite. I think they were afraid of what would be revealed and blew up the satellite as a way to stop NASA indirectly. A direct attack would be seen as an act of war.

    They try to make their way to the ISS but the crew had time to escape and the other Soyuz was disabled. I think the Russians on the ISS got a heads up and left as soon as they could plausibly say they thought there was danger. The capsule was disabled because it was a chance for the NASA crew to return. It wasn't enough to just get rid of the device, Dr. Stone had to go to.

    Managing to get to the Chinese ship, Stone finds that they had escaped also. While flying weightlessly through the ship she glides past a panel that had been removed with a wrench floating nearby. The opening revealed a small fire that eventually engulfed the ship. I think the Chinese were probably either notified or were involved with the plan. Both their ship and ISS were evacuated well before NASA decided to wrap it up. They knew both the ISS and the Chinese ship would be destroyed in the debris field so hobbling them in a way to be unnoticeable to outsiders but rendering them unusable. The Chinese ship's fire was small but allowed them time to escape and the destruction could be blamed on the debris.

    Whatever Dr. stone invented it was big and worried Russia.

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    'Interstellar' Is About The Dangers Of Ignorance And Conspiracy Theories

    From Redditor u/AdolfHidekiStalin:

    About ten minutes into the movie, Cooper is in a conference with a couple administrators talking about his kids. The lady talks about how Murph got into a fight over a book showing the lunar landings, then states that the landings were faked in order to make the USSR go bankrupt on "useless machinery."

    In reality, there is a popular conspiracy theory that the moon landings were never real in the first place. They were all faked by the US government, for various reasons. This sounds extremely dumb (and it is), but here's the thing: "7% of Americans who voted think the moon landings were faked." This means 9,500,000 Americans think the moon landings were a hoax despite the vast amount of evidence to the contrary.

    Another plot point of the movie is that the Earth's crops are dying, which is why NASA was sending astronauts through the wormhole to find new planets. These crops are dying from "the blight," a disease that scientists can't seem to make a vaccine or cure for.

    In today's world, there are crops that could possibly defend against this: GMOs, or genetically modified crops. A well known one is gold rice, rice that is proposed to help starving people in the Philippines and India.

    However, there are many anti-GMO activists who say that GMOs are unsafe and unnatural, even with the numerous studies and testing done on them that state they're safe.

    So, in Interstellar's world, GMOs were banned worldwide as anti-intellectual and anti-science activists took over major world governments. Without the ability to fix the blight due to a lack of scientists, the Earth's crops began dying.

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    Watts Fixed The Ship In 'Armageddon'

    From Redditor u/Ralph-Hinkley:

    Watts fixed the ship, not Lev and his wrench in Armageddon.

    If you watch, Watts goes below and grabs the paper specs, then starts flipping switches when the nuke was ready to go. She then walks over to the other side and tightens a valve with a wheel while the entire time Lev is yelling at her.

    Lev finally moves Watts and starts banging on the thing like a crazy monkey, and it starts. Well guess what? It had nothing to do with the cosmonaut with space dementia, it was all the procedures that Watts followed that got Freedom going again.

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