The Best Space Selfies

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As it stands today, everyone has taken a selfie - even your grandma. And as cool as your grandma’s selfies may be, they’ll never stack up to the space selfies taken by astronauts or the Mars Rover. Astronaut selfies are particularly inspiring because they show not only the breadth of human exploration, but also that no matter how much of an egghead you are, everyone likes taking selifes. Even more to that point, the Mars Rover selfies are examples of mechanical and artistic beauty. Whether or not you’re someone whose heartstrings are pulled whenever you watch movies like WALL-E, seeing a few rover selfies will make you believe that John F. Kennedy was on to something when he decided we should go to the moon.

Outer space selfies are some of the coolest photos you’ll ever see. Not only are they awe-inspiring in their scope of the majesty of outer space, but they’re also full of neat details. It’s cool to see how NASA’s patches and suits have changed over time, and it’s interesting to note how astronauts need to find ways to alleviate boredom just like regular people. And thanks to the Mars Rover’s selfies, we’re actually able to see the surface of a planet that people have been dreaming about visiting since before interplanetary travel was possible.

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