People Who Have Been To Space

These 519 space travelers have all flown in space. They're not all astronauts, the list includes people with backgrounds in teaching, politics, and even a sultan. These high-flying folks have seen parts of the universe most of us only dream about and I for one am completely jealous of all of them. There are only a finite number of astronauts who have been to space and this list will give you a comprehensive list of names of the people have lived every young child's dream.

How many people have been to space? This list has the most up-to-date names of the astronauts who left the earth's orbit for the great unknown. From American space travelers to Russian scientists, the list of people who have been to space may seem like a lot, but when you calculate the number of people who have been to the great unknown versus those who have stayed on the ground, it's a very small percentage. 

People that have been in space are part of an exclusive club. If you hope to become famous for your space travels, you better start studying these astronauts now!
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