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List of Famous Spanish Operas

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List of classical and contemporary operas performed in Spanish, listed alphabetically with photos when available. The operas listed below were all either performed or composed in Spanish. The names of these Spanish operas include information like who the composer of each opera was. You can also filter this list of historic Spanish operas for specific information, such as when it was first performed. List contains items like La conquista and Montezuma.

This list answers the questions, "What are the best Spanish operas?" and "What operas were composed in the Spanish language?"

Use this list to find out which operas were composed in Spanish. If you're writing a research paper about famous Spanish operas then this list is the perfect resource for finding useful information.
  • 1

    Beatrix Cenci

    Alberto Ginastera
  • 2


    Alberto Ginastera
  • 3

    Don Rodrigo

    Alberto Ginastera
  • El retablo de Maese Pedro4

    El retablo de Maese Pedro

    Manuel de Falla
  • 5

    Florencia en el Amazonas

  • Goyescas6


    Enrique Granados
  • La conquista7

    La conquista

    Lorenzo Ferrero
  • La vida breve8

    La vida breve

    Manuel de Falla
  • 9

    Margarita la tornera

    Ruperto Chapí
  • 10

    María de Buenos Aires

    Ástor Piazzolla
  • María del Carmen11

    María del Carmen

    Enrique Granados
  • 12


    Roger Sessions
  • 13


    Manuel de Zumaya
  • 14

    Rappaccini's Daughter

    Daniel Catán
  • 15

    Veinticinco de agosto, 1983

    Juan María Solare
  • 16


    Heitor Villa-Lobos