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15 Spicy Foods For Naturally Inducing Labor, Ranked By Moms

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Moms, we need your help to rank the best spicy foods to induce labor. Most people know that there are many foods that can induce labor, such as fruits like pineapple. However, one of the preferred methods is with spicy dishes.

Expectant mothers are wondering how to induce labor. Spicy foods such as Taco Bell’s chalupa supreme (with their signature hot sauce!) and hot wings are said to be great labor inducing spicy foods.

But which is your favorite from this list of spicy foods that induce labor? Your vote could help an overdue mom-to-be finally find relief. Check out the list of spicy foods below and vote up the methods that most helped with kickstarting contractions.

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    Flaming Hot Cheetos

    Hot Cheetos may not be the healthiest of snacks, but if you're looking to crank up the heat and get that baby moving, they could do the trick.

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      Some theorize that prostaglandin, a hormone produced when one eats spicy food, is the thing that gets the process going. A nice bowl of hot chili could be just what you need to induce labor. 

      But be careful not to down too many bowls, because it is also believed that spicy food can be dangerous. They release capsaicin, which can interfere with your body's ability to prevent excess pain during labor. So it's a bit of a high risk, high reward situation.


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      Hot Wings

      Half of women who reach 37 weeks of pregnancy turn to spicy foods, such as hot wings, to induce labor. 

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      Szechuan Chicken Or Beef

      Some say that spicy Chinese food, such as Szechuan chicken or beef, can induce labor. It is believed that the food can kickstart contractions because it stimulates the digestive system. 

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