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People Reveal Their Most Nightmarish Encounters With Spiders

Here's one way to get everyone talking at a dinner party: swap your terrifying stories about spiders. Everyone's got one, and luckily, Reddit is there to help bolster your stockpile of horrible spider tales. These scary spider stories range from the surprising, like an egg sack erupting with hundreds of baby spiders, to the creepy, like an eight-legged monster crawling on someone's underwear. 

People are universally pretty scared of spiders, and for good reason. Aside from the fact that they have too many legs and a million eyes, they also just look like they would fill you with venom, even the non-poisonous ones are just creepy. Spiders hide out in clothes and shoes, they sit perched, ready to glide down on their silky webs from shower heads and attack people at their most vulnerable. Even though spiders eat other pests, there is nothing good about them, and they're everywhere. If you don't believe it, check out these nightmarish encounters people have had (and lived to tell!) with spiders.

  • The Motorcycle Widow-Maker

    AcrolloPeed had a horrifying experience on a bike:

    "Riding my motorcycle which I stored in the garage with my helmet. Out on the highway, doing 65-70 in bright sunshine. A black widow crawls down INSIDE my visor, all creepy-spindly the way only black widows can crawl.


    I brake and pull over onto the shoulder as quickly/safely as possible and yank my helmet off and (with gloved hands) pull out and squish this f*cking black widow spider. Wait for breathing to return to normal before I got back out on the road.

    I now store my helmet inside the house and you can bet your ass I check the entire thing out before I put it on my head."

  • A Cautionary Tale About The Danger Of Not Checking Your Pants Before You Put Them On

    From user jainagirl:

    "So I'm going to put on a pair of pants that I'd left on my bed the night before. Start to put my leg in then thought I should go to the bathroom first, so I don't have to put on my pants then just take them off again. I leave them on the bed. I go pee then come back into the room. Crawling out of the top of my pants is the biggest f*cking spider I have ever seen in my life. No joke this thing was the size of my hand with furry little legs. I still shake out my pants before putting them on to this day. This happened seven years ago."

  • Open Your Mouth And Close Your Eyes...

    User drphillyofreddit used to be a believer, until:

    "Woke up with a spider IN MY MOUTH. There is no god."

  • Pregnant Spiders Are A Million Times Scarier

    From user gaygirliniraq:

    "Me and my friend were leaving his house one evening when we noticed a particularly fat and rotund spider scurrying across the floor. As my friend has been bitten once or twice in his house he was determined to end that spider's life on sight. This was a fat spider. I'd never seen one look quite like it and couldn't imagine what was wrong with it. B*tch was pregnant. He squishes it causing an explosion of dozens of live baby spiders. They scatter everywhere and we frantically try and stomp all of them. Sh*t was diiiiisgusting."