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26 'Spider-Man' Interviews That Prove They're Marvel's Funniest Cast

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It's not often that a cast becomes as close as their on-screen counterparts, when they do, the movie is always so much better. That's the case with the Marvel's Spider-Man cast. Helmed by Tom Holland (AKA the most wholesome person on earth), the rest of the main cast includes Zendaya, Jon Favreau, and Marisa Tomei. Both installments of the franchise have been box office hits and adored by fans. Off-screen the cast is super close, and whenever they're in an interview or press junket, they can't help but troll each other. These are the funniest interviews from the Spider-Man cast.  

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    Absolutely Ruthless

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    Give Him A Chance

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    Kid's A Natural

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    True Love

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