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It's hard to trace exactly when the pairing of Deadpool and Spider-Man, or "Spideypool" as fans affectionately named them, became a thing. One thing we do know, however, is that it sure is popular and it's almost replaced Captain America/Iron Man crossover fan fiction as the most read Marvel slash fiction. This could only have been bolstered by the surge in attention Deadpool has gotten since the release of his first solo movie, not to mention the pair getting their own comic book team-up in 2016. An absolute wealth of art and Tumblr pages exist devoted to the couple, but the Deadpool and Spider-Man slash is where fans have gotten especially creative.

In addition to their physical similarities, Peter Parker and Wade Wilson have a reputation in the Marvel universe for being irritating know-it-alls making them an obviously well-matched twosome. Much like in their comic book series together, fan fiction authors seem to enjoy portraying Peter as the "straight man" to Wade's fluidity, as well as comparing the teen superhero's adorkable inexperience to the confident, open-mindedness of the Merc With A Mouth - usually with hilarious results.

Delve into the weird and kinky world of Deadpool/Spider-Man slash fiction with these extracts!

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Deadpool Will Take Any Excuse For A Kiss

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Seeing The Real You (It's Not What I Imagined)

By Rei

It's just a regular Tuesday night patrol for Spider-Man. That's until a building falls down around him. It just so happens that Deadpool's in the neighborhood to help!

"He was still coughing; trying not to suffocate had priority right now, so it was difficult to focus on the blurry figure in front of him. It was red and black and familiar and way too close.

"…you need mouth-to-mouth? Because I can totally do that! Even though I‘m probably more of a sucker than a blower if you know what I mean. I like to bite, too, makes the girls go all wild. Do you need mouth-to-mouth? I promise not to bite, except if you want me to. Spidey? You want me to bite you?“

Peter wanted to die.
"…go…-way….,“ he rasped. He lowered his head and pressed his face against his knees.

He could deal with a lot right now, but not with Deadpool. Definitely not with Deadpool.

"Hey come on, man, that really hurt my feelings! Not cool! I was totally doing the heroic thing here and saved your life. “

There was a lot Peter could have said to that, but he couldn't’t breathe."

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Peter Discovers He Has A Thing For Women's Underwear (On Wade, That Is)

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Baby, I'd Victoria Your Secret Any Day

By ghostslider

Wade has developed an annoying habit of breaking into Peter's apartment at all hours of the night. After returning home early one morning, Peter finds the mercenary welcoming him home with pancakes and... women's underwear?

"Wade is… Wade is wearing panties. And a matching bra. They’re pink."

“You…” Peter’s mouth is so dry that it might as well be the Sahara, and he feels like the world’s biggest creeper because he can’t stop staring. “Wade, what are you wearing?”

“What, this?” Wade looks down, takes in the ensemble like he’s just now noticed it, then shrugs. “Everything else is in the wash.”

And because Peter’s known Wade for a while now, he can maybe see how this makes sense--like, maybe Wade has a thing about going commando and just happened to have an old girlfriend’s panties lying around, one thing led to another…but…

“And the bra?” Peter croaks.

Wade just gives him a look, like Peter’s grown a second head or toads are falling out of his mouth or something. “It’s a matched set,” he says. “What was I supposed to do, just not wear it?"

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Wade Just Never Takes Peter's Threats Seriously

Peter Parker's Home For Wayward Villains

By BeanieBaby

Unbeknownst to a powerless Peter Parker, his family farm has become a hotspot for Marvel villains and anti-heroes. After uncovering Wade's shady past, Peter tries to confront his newest farmhand.

"Peter brushes at his wet cheeks angrily and forces himself to glare back. "You could have told me. I hate liars."

"Tell you, then what? Have you panic and call for the authorities? Not that they can take me down, but-" Wade moves close, his broad shoulders hunched intimidatingly as he studies Peter.

"I DIDN'T CALL ANYBODY, YOU ASSHOLE!!" Peter screams, frustration finally breaking through as he grabs a bewildered Wade around the collar and smacks him hard upside the head. He's breathing like a winded rhino when the masked man smiles slowly and leans close.

"Really? Even after all that? I knew you found me irresistible, kid." He purrs smugly. Peter glares at him and jabs a finger into Wade's solid chest.

"Don't push it. I won't tell, but from now on, if you so much as think about doing anything bad, I will end you, Wilson. Don't think I won't." Peter promises vehemently.

Wade's reaction is to tip the boy's head back, slap a hand over his eyes and before Peter can protest the sudden darkness, slots their mouths together. He feels a warm wet tongue lick against his lips and Peter gasps, letting Wade slip past his lips and drag him into a dirty wet kiss."

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Peter "Cute Butt" Parker

Winning Peter

By iamtheyeollowbox

All Peter wants to do is get on with his lab work. But, an interfering Wade just won't let him go un-complimented.

"Are you hitting on me?” Peter’s eyebrow raised. 

“Absolutely!” Deadpool smiled wide. “I mean, look at you! Cute face. Cute hair.” 

Deadpool tilted over the table to stare, “Cute butt.” 

“Hey, no ogling of the butt!” Peter quickly turned to hide said butt against the counter. When Deadpool’s leer only grew at the new view provided, Peter’s hands shot forward to cover himself, face bright red."

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