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The Comic Book History Between Spider-Man And The Fantastic Four

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The MCU may have the most epic team up with the Avengers meeting the Guardians meeting the Wakandans and so on, but long before the entire Marvel Universe was getting together to fight Thanos, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four were sharing adventures regularly. The web-head and the Richards family have been palling around since the '60s when Spider-Man swung into New York City. He even tried to join the Fantastic Four early in his career, and given that both Spidey and the Richards are some of the best Marvel comics characters, it's no surprise their time together is a blast to read about. 

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have definitely had their ups and downs, but throughout their decades long friendship, Peter Parker and Johnny Storm have fought extra-terrestrial baddies together, had their memories wiped, and even shared a house at one point. The comic book history of Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four is nothing short of a roller coaster, and for anyone who reads Spider-Man comic books and or follows the Fantastic Family, it is a roller coaster worth riding.

  • Peter Parker And Johnny Storm Were Roommates

    After returning from the Negative Zone, Johnny Storm moves in with Peter Parker for a few weeks and drives the wall crawler up a wall. He parties, he bothers Parker at work, and he even chats up Mary Jane. After all, what's a guy supposed to do after he was imprisoned by Annihilus for two years? 

    The duo's brief period together is cataloged in the comic FF #17, "The Roommate Experiment," and it emphasizes just how big of a square Parker can be. Even though the two heroes are friends, Parker desperately wants to kick Storm out of the apartment - literally. Things come to a head when the Human Torch invites everyone from the Light Brigade and the the Moloid children for an all-night party that ends with shots of inter-dimensional alcohol. It's not long after this Parker once again has his house to himself. 

  • Spider-Man Picked Up The Slack After Johnny Storm Lost His Life

    Following Johnny Storm's demise at the hands of aliens from the Negative Zone in Fantastic Four #587, Spider-Man took his place in the group per Storm's final request. As a part of this new version of the Fantastic Four, rebranded as the "Future Foundation," the wall crawler and crew got new costumes that showed off their sciencey outlook. 

    The Future Foundation isn't just a rebranded Fantastic Four. The Future Foundation was put together by Reed Richards after they lost Johnny Storm as a way to bring together free thinkers of the world. Spider-Man became a core member of the Foundation because he is intelligent, was friends with Storm, and had always wanted to be a part of the Fantastic Four. 

  • Spider-Man Revealed His Identity To The Fantastic Four - Twice

    Even though Spider-Man's whole thing is keeping his identity secret for the sake of his friends and family, he has revealed himself to the public. First, during Civil War, Peter Parker sided with Tony Stark and agreed to register as a superhero. He revealed his identity during a press conference, sending the Marvel Universe down a slippery slope toward a brawl with the world's greatest heroes. 

    Following Civil War, Parker became both a celebrity and a target, and at the onset of the One More Day storyline - where Aunt May is shot - Parker makes a deal with Mephisto (Marvel's version of the Devil) to wipe the Marvel Universe's memory of his identity along with a lot of convoluted plot mechanics. 

    Because of his deal, all of Peter's friends forgot who he was, but his closest pal, Johnny Storm, realized something was wrong. After discovering they were once close enough to be on an identity-to-identity level of friendship, Storm calls Parker out for what he's done and Spidey ends up revealing his identity to the Fantastic Four all over again in Amazing Spider-Man #591

  • Johnny Storm Gave Peter Parker A Pep Talk In The Early Days 

    It takes a while for Peter Parker to get into the groove of being Spider-Man. In his first few issues, he has to deal with the loss of his uncle, his inability to make money, and he's turned down by the Fantastic Four. By The Amazing Spider-Man #3, Peter's already thinking about giving up, but then Johnny Storm pays a visit to his school for a lecture on heroics. Storm tells Parker and the rest of the students: 

    Ability alone isn't enough! It's one lesson I've learned from my partnership with the Fantastic Four! Even the Fantastic Four have had defeats - but we always come back.

    Throughout the speech, Parker thinks that the Human Torch is speaking directly to him, but when he thanks the hero, Storm just brushes him aside.