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The Comic Book History Between Spider-Man And The Fantastic Four

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The MCU may have the most epic team up with the Avengers meeting the Guardians meeting the Wakandans and so on, but long before the entire Marvel Universe was getting together to fight Thanos, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four were sharing adventures regularly. The web-head and the Richards family have been palling around since the '60s when Spider-Man swung into New York City. He even tried to join the Fantastic Four early in his career, and given that both Spidey and the Richards are some of the best Marvel comics characters, it's no surprise their time together is a blast to read about. 

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have definitely had their ups and downs, but throughout their decades long friendship, Peter Parker and Johnny Storm have fought extra-terrestrial baddies together, had their memories wiped, and even shared a house at one point. The comic book history of Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four is nothing short of a roller coaster, and for anyone who reads Spider-Man comic books and or follows the Fantastic Family, it is a roller coaster worth riding.

  • Johnny Storm And Spider-Man Are Best Frenemies

    The five issues of Spider-Man/Human Torch from 2005 tracks the relationship between Spider-Man and the Human Torch across the every era of their friendship, starting in the 1960s and moving straight on through to mid-2000s. The miniseries shows how the connection between these two heroes has grown more nuanced over time

    This short series shows one of the most unique aspects of the medium of comic books, and it offers insight into how these characters have grown over 40 years of friendship. Even when they don't get along, the two of them are always there for each other. 

  • Spider-Man And The Fantastic Four Worked Together To Stop An Alien Invasion

    In 2007's Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, the heroes have to team up to stop an invasion by an alien group calling themselves the H'Mojen. The extra-terrestrial race wants to merge with everyone on Earth in order to make them the same as the rest of the planets they've visited - they call the process "H'mojenization." 

    Throughout the miniseries, Spidey works with the Human Torch - which is normal for whenever these two titans of the comic industry get together - but the Torch has to do most of the heavy lifting because the web-head becomes increasingly sick. It turns out that he swallowed Multiple Man in the first issue and has an entire society growing inside of him. 

    While Reed Richards leaves Earth to research other planets that have been taken over by the H'Mojens, Spidey and Johnny Storm stick around so they can fight off the aliens on their home world. Spider-Man ends up regurgitating an entire species that successfully melds with the H'Mojens and moves to an unpopulated planet where they build a stone bust of Peter Parker

  • Spider-Man Met The Fantastic Four While Looking For A Job

    The Marvel Comics shared universe began long before the MCU started mixing and matching heroes. Back in 1963's Amazing Spider-Man #1, Spider-Man broke into the Baxter Building - where Reed Richards and his family were living at the time - so he could impress the Fantastics with his abilities, hoping they would give him a job. 

    Spidey managed to get into building, but rather than impress the Fantastic Four, he just annoyed them with a four-on-one fight that ended with the super team explaining they're a nonprofit organization that doesn't make money off their work, and even if they did they weren't hiring. 

  • Spider-Man Learned The Truth About The Symbiote From Reed Richards

    After bonding with the symbiote suit while on Battleworld, Parker begins having strange dreams, and the suit even starts taking Parker out on patrol while he's asleep. To figure out what's happening to him, Parker goes to the only people he trusts, Reed Richard and Johnny Storm. While Richards studies the suit, Parker and Storm goof off and try different things with it - like eating sandwiches and making human clothing. 

    When Richards figures out that the suit is alive, Parker freaks out and does whatever he can to rid himself of it. Richards uses a sonic rifle to send the suit running, and then Storm traps it in an airtight bubble. In order to keep Parker's secret safe, Storm gives him an old, Fantastic Four suit a paper bag to go over his head.