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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Spider-Man

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When it comes to determining the Marvel Universe's most popular character, just about everyone will point their finger towards the one and only Spider-Man. Spidey has become one of the Marvel Universe's biggest and most popular characters, and he also has one of the most lethal and varied assortments of villains filling out his rogues' gallery.

Marvel fans have been reading about their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man since the early 1960s. Throughout all that time, he's appeared in thousands of comics, tons of cartoons, and a whole mess of live-action films. That's to say nothing of his numerous video games, toys, and everything else related to ol' web-head.

Even if you call yourself the biggest fan on the planet, there may still be a few things you didn't know about Spider-Man. After all, it would be difficult to read everything he's been in, not to mention incredibly time-consuming. Take a look at the interesting facts about Spider-Man listed below, and if you do find something you didn't already know, go ahead and give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top.

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    The Web-Slinging In 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Was Real

    If you watched The Amazing Spider-Man and assumed that all of the film's web-slinging was done via CGI, you'd be wrong. It would make sense to do the effect in the computer - given the dangers of swinging on a line like Spider-Man - but the film crew opted to go entirely practical with that aspect of the film. 

    To make it work, a specially designed rig was developed that made it possible for a stunt performer to literally swing in huge arcs over the streets of New York City. Stunt Coordinator Andy Armstong hired an Olympic-level gymnast to study how they swing, noting that "when you see it as a computer-generated swing in the early Spider-Mans, he swings down at the same speed as he swings up. It’s all constant. When you see a powerful gymnast do it, his downward motion is actually a really violent motion."

    Once he understood the physics of everything, he and his crew built special machinery that could mimic the speed of Spider-Man's swings in a believable way. In the end, Armstrong summed it up by saying, "It was a combination of a lot of human skills and mechanical engineering."

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    Peter Parker's Address In The Comics Is Real

    Typically, when a comic book character is given an address or phone number, it doesn't correlate to anything in the real world. This prevents fans from bothering whomever happens to be living where the characters do. In Peter Parker's case, however, his address is real.

    Long before he was swinging through the streets of New York City, Peter Parker was a young boy growing up in Forest Hills, Queens. His address was 20 Ingram Street, and it's 100% real. Not only that, but the family that lives there has the surname Parker.

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    Spider-Man's Clinging Power Has A Ton Of Uses

    In the comics, Spider-Man has been shown to use his clinging ability for far more than just wall-crawling. While it's certainly useful in climbing across any surface, he can use it across his entire body. It's one of the ways he manages to keep his mask on at all times. He's literally clinging to it, so people can't simply remove it. When that happened in The Amazing Spider-Man #12, it was only possible because he was sick and not in total control of his powers.

    Spidey's been able to use the power offensively as well as defensively, though it wasn't the normal Peter Parker who used it this way. Kaine, a villainous clone of Spider-Man, used the power to burn scars into his victims' faces. The normal Spider-Man of Earth-616 used the same ability in a desperate move against the Green Goblin, severely hurting the villain with the tips of his fingers. 

    In terms of the power and strength of Spider-Man's clinging ability, there's no force on Earth that can remove something from the tips of his fingers other than his desire to let go. He's been pulled off of buildings by the likes of Colossus and the Hulk, and it wasn't his costume that tore; it was the wall that tore away, each and every time.

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    Spider-Man Had Three Different Weddings (At The Same Time)

    Marvel Comics loves to celebrate whenever its characters get married. There was a ton of marketing fanfare when Reed and Sue Richards tied the knot, when T'Challa married Ororo Munroe (Storm), and when Peter Parker finally married Mary Jane Watson. In Spidey's case, there were three weddings to commemorate the marriage, with the first (and most complete version) being The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21.

    Marvel didn't stop with just the book though; it detailed the wedding in the weekly newspaper comic and hired people to act out the wedding in real life. The company booked New York's Shea Stadium, where actors played out the story of the wedding. None other than Stan "The Man" Lee acted as the officiate, and Mary Jane wore a dress designed by fashion legend Willi Smith. The same dress design was represented in the two print stories. You can watch a video of the wedding here.

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